(Discontinued - but still supported)

ET 90 Blue Plus/24 dc Swing Gate Motor


  • Designed to automate residential swing gates up to 250Kg's in weight and 2.5 Metre gates in length.
  • Sleek, compact design and space saving.
  • Battery operated motor that can operate in an event of a power failure.
  • Quiet operation
  • Soft start & soft stop (for smoother operation)
  • On-board dual channel receiver for 25 full and 6 pedestrian opening operation via remote controls
  • Adjustable pedestrian opening and auto close time (for added security)
  • Unique gearbox anti-jamming (for easy manual release operation)
  • Adjustable Anti-crush setting (for added safety)
  • Selectable Auto close
  • Selectable Auto close time
  • Auto close can be disabled via remote control
  • On-board warning buzzer (indicates battery charging power is switched off)
  • Intelligent Battery charger (improves the life span of the motor battery)
  • Motor can be electronically locked via remote control (for added security)
  • Adjustable Courtesy Pillar light activation and connection available (for added security at night)


ET 90 Blue Plus Swing Gate Motor